Sat. Jun 12th, 2021
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In a shocking series of events, prosecutors have accused a woman of fundraising for her son’s funeral when in reality she had pced the boy for adoption. A 33-year-old woman in New Jersey set up a fake GoFundMe campaign, ciming that she needed money to organize a funeral for her son who had just passed away. While actually, the woman had pced her son for adoption. The Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office was notified about the deceit in a Face post, where the boy’s adoptive parents warned local authorities about the biological mother’s fraud. The adoptive parents revealed that the birth mother had used the picture of her son, ciming that he had died from cancer.

The biological mother accused of the fraud was identified as Holly Garcia, the woman who had signed away her parental rights. Garcia did not just create one GoFundMe account, rather she created multiple of them asking for charity for various fictitious purposes: urn for her dead son’s ashes; assistance for her 4-year-old son who is going blind in one eye (and whose father had died); assistance for her unborn child; a stroller for her two-month-old son, who was born prematurely; and assistance raising rent money for an apartment.

Garcia has been charged with second-degree computer criminal activity and third-degree attempted theft by deception. Her GoFundMe accounts have also been taken down. It has also been revealed that Garcia’s gross raising goal was $11,350. And although she was able to raise some money, she wasn’t able to collect any of it after the revetion.

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