Who shot Takeoff?

HOUSTON, TEXAS: Rapper Takeoff died a tragic death at a dice game and the internet has been shaken to the core since then. An anonymous chat posted by Twitter handle @canelo____ appearently reveals the entire turn of events and details the fight that led to Takeoff being killed amidst the chaos.

According to the text message, someone from Migos' group accidentally shot Takeoff after they started 'shooting wild.' The chat reportedly claims that Quavo was getting worked up about losing the dice game while Takeoff remained calm; however, the rapper ended up being shot twice due to the fight that broke out due to Quavo's belligerence.

The first shot was fired by Migos' group and Takeoff was caught in the crossfire when the other grloup responded withy gunfire, the chat claims. The internet has been connecting the incident with the September death of rapper PnB Rock who got killed at an eatery in LA.