In a compelling discussion, Jeffrey Robinson, the leading expert on racial justice at the ACLU, delves into the intricate and troubling history of Confederate symbols that permeate our nation. He provides us with invaluable insights into how we can glean important lessons from our past and actively address the deeply ingrained issue of systemic racism.

Jeffrey Robinson’s eloquent and patient discourse serves as a stark contrast to the glaring omissions within our government and educational systems. It underscores the paramount importance of comprehending every facet of our country’s history and heritage, enabling us to evolve and make informed, equitable choices moving forward. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Jeffrey for his unwavering commitment to enlightening us on this critical matter.

This is the kind of history that deserves a place in our school curriculum. It’s a deliberate and highly educational perspective, serving as a necessary wake-up call to confront the uncomfortable truths often hidden away. I hope that more people have the opportunity to be exposed to such valuable insights. It does seem like there’s a trend of making this video less accessible, but it’s a reminder that at our core, we are all equal.

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