Sat. Jun 12th, 2021
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 The term Bck was and is still highly favorable amongst the elite pedophile satanic Free masonic cults world leaders and most religious organizations in the private sector of what is known as the shadow government. The word catholic, itself, comes from the bck sacred Cat-Women of Egypt with holistic sciences called Tefnut. Thus you have the Cat-Of-Holistic-Sciences or the Catholics.


  The Holy Cat Sphinx And The Bck Cat That The Catholics Use In Witchcraft / evil magic. The science of bckness was a very sacred science to us called alchemy or Al-Chemistry and thus you have Bck Magic; Now, Bck Magic is referred to as evil Magic by white nazi pedophile Elite psychopaths who are the real devils. Which has maniputed and deceive the whole world?

Bck Magic was and never will be evil. White thieving lying nazi whitewash Egyptologist stole it, suppressed and rewrote, renamed it, pushed fake false white images of Egyptians and Nubians from Kish, not Greece. The Greeks were taught how to read count and write in Timbuk Two by the Nubians. Clearly, it is clear who stole what and lie about it even today. Lies do not make what you believe to be true, true, and never will not even in God’s eyes. This is the true nature of the Universal truth and love, Gods truth unbound love. Kish was built by the Kushites and grew into what you know as Egypt. Then the racist thieving nazi elitist tried to hide and lie about magic and then turn it on the people who created it and used it to heal not kill ( women holistic healers ) . The satanic elite masonic cults try to kill, ensve, control, and make you seem to be naturally sick. This is done even as they soft kill you with what is clearly evil magic based on digital intrusion that had nothing to do with holistic Bck magic and healing. Cat Women who were healers that were not Hexers and witches casting curses on people to kill and steal the life force, mind secrets, and energy. These are nothing but psychopathic vampire parasites trying to live off human host any way they can steal your energy and life force. In C.I.A. terms these witches call it soft killing to slowly drain you and watch you die worshiping a blonde hair blue eye lie they created

This is what the origin evil magic is (energy/thought vampires ) and the nazi warlocks and witches have tried to digitize spell casting and evil geoengineering with silent sound / H.A.A.R.P. at a push of a Darpa button or a Brain gate body map system button from C.I.A. Nasa N.S.A. Face that is all based on synthetic telepathy, spying, brain mapping while on line and magnetic field intrusion / evil magic casting algorithms into you and your phone and home. These things are then fed into C.I.A. N.S.A. nazi supercomputers and then fed or updated to a pup ( potentially unwanted aka a digital hex curser demon ) and sent to hack you, home, people you know, family, your phone, application, your ram in your phone and computer ext . When you sleep they invade your visual cortex via what is a command station ( command demon in the subconscious ) and try to push their evil agenda with remote mind control into your sub conscious with what the witches have coined. The Command Station. This is one of if not the highest coveted secret of the satanic cult. Now the names of these components and operations are in the public domain. The Command station uses microwave signals from demons and casters. This system is too old to just go into and change the names.  The satanic Cobalt system is based on all of these things and will not work without these specific commands.

These cults mainly use transponders and responders and magnetic field altering devices via bck gu , chemtrails and R.F.I.D. satanic microchips to administer mind control. This can be done in your sleep while infiltrating the visual cortex and your dreams with radio frequencies. This is why the mind ist are trying to enforce microchipping on everyone in schools ext. This is all a demonic routing system based on a hive mind and A.I. psychopathic alga rhythm that the occult shadow government cast into your system any time they feel like it . They use mental enforcers. These demonic demon casters are enforcers pushers. They force their thoughts on you and push them into your reality. This evil mind infiltration was first perfected in the original Star Gate program that was the original remote viewing program that was said to be closed down once the real Star Gate was found. Then this mental evil mental assassin technology was used by what they now call adjuster, truth spillers ( all ways wedged near or in the heads temples ) who administer truth serum directly into your system when you sleep so they can make fake thoughts ( F.M.S. nazi False Memory Syndrome ) , impnt or question a subconscious alter they made or instated ( keycode impnt word being instated) via the command center and programmer/watcher ( demonic gu demon or demon master/demon caster ) it into you to be accessed in your sleep or under activated mind control. This was all being done via the net, wifi, cell phones, microwave weapons, Tv, sound, , film, computers, and medicine ext. The Command station is the base subconscious root of digital satanic mind control based in the root chakra and connected ( piggybacking off the magnetic field ) to the sexual lower energy points and vibrations. They use what is called ankers to lock down programming. These are based in the spine around the adrenal area of the spine and the feet. The feet are used as ankers to hold down possession of whatever body part and nerve they are trying to control like a robot. The feet have every organ pressure point located in specific parts and pces in the feet. They attack the feet first because they must cement a Anker. Ankers is used with what they call a retractor. This is a return, recall, rewind, forget and erase mechanism the elite occult use to evade being caught ext . . This is just more information the pedophile occult fear in the public domain.

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