This is what the origin evil magic is (energy/thought vampires ) and the nazi warlocks and witches have tried to digitize spell casting and evil geoengineering with silent sound / H.A.A.R.P. at a push of a Darpa button or a Brain gate body map system button from C.I.A. Nasa N.S.A. Facebook that is all based on synthetic telepathy, spying, brain mapping while on line and magnetic field intrusion / evil magic casting algorithms into you and your phone and home. These things are then fed into C.I.A. N.S.A. nazi supercomputers and then fed or updated to a pup ( potentially unwanted virus aka a digital hex curser demon virus) and sent to hack you, home, people you know, family, your phone, application, your ram in your phone and computer ext . When you sleep they invade your visual cortex via what is a command station ( command demon in the subconscious ) and try to push their evil agenda with remote mind control into your sub conscious with what the witches have coined. The Command Station. This is one of if not the highest coveted secret of the satanic cult. Now the names of these components and operations are in the public domain. The Command station uses microwave signals from demons and casters. This system is too old to just go into and change the names.  The satanic NWO Cobalt system is based on all of these things and will not work without these specific commands.


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