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LUBBOCK, TEXAS: In a shocking crime from Texas, a man shot dead his partner’s former husband over a furious argument about . Video footage of the incident has been released recently, where can be seen opening fire on Chad Reed, the ex-husband of Carruth’s girlfriend Christina Read. However, no criminal charges have been filed so far against Carruth. His defense attorneys have argued that the shooting was executed in self-defense and it was a ‘justifiable homicide’

Chad, who was married to Jennifer Read at the time of his alleged murder, was reportedly shot after Carruth squared him up and wrestled over a gun, outside his home in Lubbock. Read has now released an elaborate statement sharing her version of the incident, where she accused Carruth and Christina of conspiring to “assault and/or murder Chad that day”.

Meanwhile, Carruth is already married to local county Judge Ann-Marie Carruth and was apparently having an affair with Christina. Jennifer alleged that he picked a bone with Chad as he threatened to expose his affair with Christina to Carruth’s wife. A viral video of the shocking crime, captured on Read’s camera is circulating online of late, where Chad can be spotted having an altercation with Carruth and Christina. The argument reportedly took place in front Carruth’s house in South Lubbock. Chad and Carruth were primarily engaged in a verbal altercation which soon escalated into a physical fight, while Christina stood at a distance.

Carruth then fired one shot near the ground but continues to scuffle with Chad. He then suddenly jumped back and pointed his rifle at Chad, firing two clear shots directly at him. Chad can be seen to be injured from the bullet wounds and slumping to the ground instantly. “I told all of y’all to leave,’ Carruth can be heard saying to Read, adding that Chad’s son is not at the house. “None of y’all should be here, I asked you to leave. I did everything. I did not want to do any of this,” he added. 

The investigation into the incident continues as Read is suing for custody of her stepchildren at the moment. 


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