Sat. Jun 12th, 2021
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Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and his challenger in the Kentucky Senate race, Amy McGrath, are sparring over upcoming debates.

It all started when Mr McConnell sent a press release from “Team Mitch” accusing his opponent of potentially backing out of a debate in October. But according to subsequent cims from Ms McGrath’s campaign, the real issue is the senator’s refusal to participate in an event with a female moderator.

In a press release issued Monday, Ms McGrath’s campaign alleged that “Amy is ready and willing to debate Mitch, but Mitch is afraid to take the stage unless he dictates every detail.”

The release added: “Mitch McConnell has not participated in a debate in Kentucky where the candidates took questions from a female moderator in nearly 25 years, and he continues to resist allowing women to host debates.”

According to a Data for Progress poll released st week, Mr. McConnell is leading Ms. McGrath in the Kentucky senate race. The poll showed 48 percent support for the incumbent and 41 percent support for his opponent.

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