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T023C IPL Hair Removal Equipment Professional Laser Epilator Machine

T023C IPL Hair Removal Equipment Professional Laser Epilator Machine


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Osen yuan T023C IPL Hair Removal Equipment Professional ser Epitor Machine Permanent Sapphire Painless Epitor For Women

OSENYUAN is a Chinese brand and registered in the United States, European Union, and Japan at the same time, focuses on healthy hair removal. Since 2015, after repeated professional experiments, according to customers’ questions about unclean hair removal, skin damage, pain, etc., today, the world’s first fully intelligent skin test + sapphire painless and non-skin-free home hair removal device is finally avaible. After professional tests, the effect can achieve permanent hair removal like a medical hair removal device. We promise: within one year, products with quality problems will only be repced but not repaired, and new machines will be repced for free. And one-to-one free guidance, until the completion of permanent hair removal.

What is the difference comparing with other IPL hair removal?
1, Smart Skin Color Recognition, automatically adjusts the light output power level, this machine can release different energy according to different skins, so it can better achieve the effect of hair removal without harming the skin.
2, Sapphire mp does the hair removal and the cooling at the same time, avoiding the skin heat and pain.
3, Fnnelette Velvet Bag for easy to and protect.
4, We have a good quality shaving knife.
5, We also have a good quality cloth, you can wipe clean the sapphire mp holder after you use the machine to keep the mp holder clean.

Other Feature
1. Applicable : 100~240 V working voltage, suitable for all the countries in the world.

3, 5 in 1 with 5 Working modes: Hair Removal Only, Rejuvenation Only, Hair Removal + Cold compress, Rejuvenation + Code Compress, Smart Skin Color Recognition
4, Two Operation Modes: Manual Fsh suitable for armpit,bikini and other small area hair removal.Auto Fsh Suitable for thighs,arms,and other rge areas of hair removal.Long press can achieve automatic continuous light,hair removal efficiency in increased by 50%.
5.400000 + Real Fshes with ALL IN ONE mp Design, one inrated design is more stable and long lifespan than the changeable mp type.
6.Zero Consumables, No Medium, No consumables
7.Five Adjustable optional energy levels according to the skin sensibility
8.Safe: No influence on normal sweat and sebum secretion
9.Convenient: Fnnelette Velvet Bag included, Portable design and easy taken.

Operation Interval Tips
1.Using twice per week for the 1st four weeks
2.Using once per week for the 2nd four weeks
3.When the hair stops growing or only some fine hair grows, use at least 1 time per month for maintain Change operation times according to the actual hair density. The operation interval varies with the different individual situation.

Package Contains
IPL Hair Removal x 1 PC
Safety Gsses for protecting eyes x 1 PC
Adapter x 1 set
Operation Manual in English/ Russian/ Spanish/ Portuguese/ Saudi Arabian/ German/ French x 1 PC
Fnnelette Velvet Bag x 1 PC
Shaving knife x 1 PC
mp head cloth x 1 PC

Sapphire crystals can cool the epidermis in time before, during, and after the ser is unched due to its strong light transmittance, high strength, and high temperature resistance, without harming the skin.
The effectiveness of using a sapphire contact cooling system to protect the skin is about twice that of a refrigerant refrigeration system.
What people care about most is an effective, long-sting and comfortable hair removal experience
Because hair removal needs to be repeated many times, home hair removal devices have gradually become the mainstream in the market. T023C new generation sapphire intelligent skin color recognition ser hair removal device, it can achieve both effect and comfort.
The sapphire cold-light ft head used in T023C is pressed against the skin, does not leak light, ice care, high energy output, and the hair removal effect is increased by 50%, while the temperature of the skin surface is only about 10°C, which will not harm the skin at all.Same effect as beauty salon
The principle of thermal rexation: using the heat dissipation time difference between the hair follicle and the skin,Accumute enough energy in the hair follicles in a short time,The sapphire refrigeration technology keeps the temperature of the skin surface at only about 10℃, which will not harm the skin while removing hair efficiently.

IPL is an effective and gentle method of hair removal. The sapphire ser hair removal instrument uses strong pulsed light with a wavelength of 640-1200nm, which covers more effective hair removal wavelengths. In the choice of energy, the higher the energy, the better the hair removal effect, but too high energy will bring more heat and cause more adverse reactions to the skin. Ordinary hair removal devices can only reduce the energy output, resulting in Poor hair removal
T023C: Sapphire refrigeration technology + intelligent skin color recognition, a safe and effective high-energy output hair removal device on the market
Sapphire ft cooling head, close to the skin during the hair removal process, the light can effectively penetrate the sapphire and directly reach the root of the hair to remove the menin in the hair follicle
At the same time, the contact refrigeration technology cools the skin temperature in time without harming the skin. High-energy hair removal without harming the skin. And only for menin in hair follicles, precise hair removal, the temperature of the epidermis is only about 10-15 ℃, it will not harm the skin at all.

In the refrigeration system, sapphire refrigeration technology is one of the most effective refrigeration schemes at present. Sapphire crystal has the characteristics of strong light transmission, high strength, and high temperature resistance. It can cool the epidermis in time before, during and after the ser is unched, and will not harm the skin.

Let’s do a small experiment: put a bck balloon inside the transparent balloon. After using T023C, you can find that the inner bck balloon bursts, but the outer balloon is intact. The IPL light energy of T023C only targets menin。

Real skin tone recognition
Let your skin determine the energy you need to use, T023C will automatically recognize the skin tone at a speed of 100 times per second, and adjust the energy output accordingly to achieve the perfect hair removal effect
You only need to turn on the phone, and then select the skin color recognition function, full intelligent automatic hair removal, no manual fshing is required, and the whole body hair removal is safe and convenient.

ser hair removal requires multiple uses to remove hair for a long time.
Hair growth has periodicity: growth phase, anagen phase and telogen phase.
Each hair follicle undergoes periodic changes independently, even if the adjacent hair follicles are not in the same growth cycle.
During the growth period, hair matrix cells divide idly and have more menin. Therefore, the hair follicles in this cycle can absorb the energy of the ser under the action of ser light and heat, and the hair removal effect is better.
Different hair follicles are in different growth cycles and have different responses to ser. ser hair removal requires repeated use for many times to completely remove hair.
What people care most about is an effective, long-sting and comfortable hair removal experience
Sapphire + skin color recognition: painless + precise hair removal, is your best choice

Efficient 3D heat dissipation
Three-dimensional heat dissipation provides high energy efficiency, and the hair removal effect is directly reted to the intensity of light energy.

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