SIDNEY, Ky. (WYMT) – A political yard sign in Pike County is now accompanied by a roadway full of graffiti.

When Howard Phillips placed a sign in his yard to support Democratic Presidential Nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden, he did not expect it to become an issue within his neighborhood. But when he left his home in Sidney to go to church Sunday morning, the division was painted in red, white and blue.

“TRUMP 2020” and “F*** Biden” were painted on the road, spanning from one end of Phillps’ fence to the other. A homophobic slur was also spray-painted on the road with arrows pointing toward the home and yard sign.

“I just think it’s a hate crime and harassment and bullying,” Phillips said.ADVERTISEMENT

Based on footage sent to Phillips’ daughter and grandson, shared from Snapchat accounts, someone from the area noticed the Biden sign during the day, posting a photo with the caption, “Aww naw that s*** ain’t gonna fly up my holler.” The next photo was of three cans of spray paint, with the caption, “Ya already know.” Following those photos, the account posted a video of the roadway in front of Phillips’ home, on which someone spray-painted the messages.

“My dad doesn’t need to walk out of his house and see the F-word written every time he’s on the front porch,” said his daughter, Meredith Eastwood.

Eastwood said a local teen whose Snapchat account was linked to the videos admitted his involvement. She said he and other teens said it was about having fun.

”When they said it was done in fun, why did they pick in front of my house with the Biden sign? I mean, there’s plenty of places he could have wrote on the road,” said Phillips.

According to the family, the political divide is not the concerning issue since they are aware that the people responsible are not of voting age. They said the issues run deeper than the ballot box.

”It’s about respect. I mean, this is my father’s house. He’s 75 years old. He never says anything to anyone. Would never hurt anyone,” Eastwood said.

She said she hopes to see the teen and whoever else may be involved do the right thing and pay for their actions.

“If my son did it to someone, he would be out there with a toothbrush, scrubbing the road,” she said.

The family contacted law enforcement and is seeking legal guidance to decide the best course of action moving forward.

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