Kayla Keen, 26, loves her fuller figure and doesn’t hide the fact she enjoys guys hitting her up.

The Glasgow-based adult star is happy to be a fella’s ultimate fantasy and gets a kick out of knowing they wish she was their spouse instead.

She says: “So many men tell me that their slim, vanilla wives don’t do it for them and they fantasize about being with a curvy, naughty girl like me.

“I’ve had messages from men who I know in my area outing themselves as fans or subscribers and trying to flirt with me after a few drinks and then panicking and deleting the messages when they sober up so the wives don’t find out.

“They cam with me all the time asking for the ‘cheating fantasy’ and I just know they wish they could make it a reality.

“And that’s not all, car salesmen and workmen I’ve had out try their luck too.

“Once I tell them what I do for work their eyes light up and they forget all about the fact they’re married.

“I give them my socials and before long I get that new subscriber notification and ‘hey remember me’ message, it’s like clockwork.”

Kayla previously told how she left her job with a bank’s fraud prevention department to take on a new challenge making sexy content for her army of subscribers

Kayla is constantly getting hit up

Although it wasn’t her plan to enter the adult entertainment industry, Kayla had the perfect preparation.

Her big cousin Georgie Lyall, Scotland’s most famous porn star, had already shown relatives just how lucrative such work could be.

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