Magical, meretricious, magnetic man of mine.
Imagining the future in our room. Inevitably divine.
Cozy contagion, camouflaged, he’s crazy about me.
He is different, I see. He knows what is it that I feign.
A soulmate, my twin flame he says. So, it must be.
Enchanting and everything I need, so we share time.
Love comes to a halt which red flags get ignored, naively.

Solace? No more, save me, please.
Help me, I beg. His mask sewed to skin.
A bruised cheek on me, the bruised ego is his.
Naïve to narcissism, I bask in nostalgia.
Emptied closet which he says is dark, just like me.

Sorry, please stop, it hurts. Sorry between us be a broken record on repeat.
Tense and temperamental- I tactically try to keep him at ease.
Obedient, no more. Ominous. Danger ahead. This isn’t love, it can’t be.
Never do I listen to him, my mistake. How dare I think it was ok that I left.
Even in a casket next to his last, he stands above with his new love, I cry, and crave death.

By Courtney Pages

Mother, Writer, Survivor + So Much More. 😉

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