Sat. Jun 12th, 2021
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Yes, this actually happened. This is the real world. You’re not in a Borat film, this is not some weird dream. We are getting rid of the single most awful group of people to ever gather in governing this country.

The finger-pointing inside the stable of advisers and consultants is getting very ugly. Apparently, behind the scenes, at big-money fundraisers, some of the activities did more to turn off supporters than turn them on, or the other way around, depending upon who we might be talking about. Now, some staffers are talking about it and compining about how it all happened.

From a report in Politico:

“Senior campaign and GOP officials vented that ’s finance team, led by former TV host and Donald Jr. girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, underperformed and was an HR nightmare,

Who could possibly have believed that handing the campaign finance job to an unproven, unstable, and clearly out of her mind, mistress of the idiot son was a bad idea? No wonder these people couldn’t govern the country or win an election.

couldn’t compete with Biden’s small-dolr fundraising machine, and some donors were horrified by what they described as Guilfoyle’s ck of professionalism: She frequently joked about her sex life and, at one fundraiser, offered a p dance to the donor who gave the most money.”

This would all be genuinely hirious, and the p dance thing might work to raise money in certain situations that are more conducive to truly awful behavior, juvenile, amateur, and shameless behavior – it can work, but not at this level.

And at an event in Jackson Hole, Wyo. earlier this year, Guilfoyle and the younger joked about how she raised money while in hot tubs. Another attendee presented a slightly different version, saying that whoever in the audience raised the most money would be offered a hot tub party with Guilfoyle.

Absolutely no one has trouble believing that Kimberly Guilfoyle has spent a great deal of time raising money barely clothed or offering special favors to people willing to bid a lot of money. What is shocking is that a lot of this behavior occurred early on in the campaign – not in the st weeks – and it never once occurred to them to fire her, or at least it never occurred to Donald .

It goes to show two things:

One, is still an adolescent boy at heart who thinks the idea of a hot tub p dance with a curvy ex- reporter is a great way to raise money.

Two, it proves that these people care about loyalty above competence, always. There is no other expnation. They wanted someone in that job, the one overseeing the money, to be part of the “family” and you all know what we mean. Interestingly, we’re still talking about a mistress and one that could lose some interest once this is all less fun … and she was trusted with the money?

Jesus, these people.

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