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  • At least 32 people were killed in shootings in cities across the US during Fourth of July celebrations across Saturday and Sunday
  • In Chicago, 63 people were shot, 17 of them fatally, in various bouts of gunfire 
  • One of the victims killed was seven-year-old Natalie Wallace 
  • Overnight shootings in New York City left four people dead and 37 injured 
  • NYPD said two officers were injured in the Bronx late Saturday after a bullet was fired through the windshield of their marked SUV 
  • The violence continued into Sunday, with a 14-year-old child left in a ‘serious condition’ after being shot in the chest in Manhattan 
  • Shootings in New York City have doubled every week for the last three weeks 
  • Memphis, Omaha, and Cleveland also reported an alarming number of shootings
  • An investigation is also underway in North Carolina after a 74-year-old woman was killed by what described as reckless ‘celebratory gunfire’ 

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