📣 Check out this thought-provoking viral TikTok that has ignited a heated debate! 💥 A woman’s powerful message about the importance of accommodating individuals with “time blindness” in the workplace is making waves across social media.

📹 In the TikTok video, Sarah Trefren passionately discusses workers’ rights, shedding light on the challenges faced by those who struggle with time management difficulties. With over 1.5 million views in just one day, this topic has clearly struck a chord with viewers.


💬 The response to Sarah’s video has been diverse and intense. While some individuals left negative comments, such as, “Let me translate: This woman is a lazy piece of trash who was raised to be a victim. She takes multiple psych meds and blames everyone else for her problems. She will claim a disability now and get on welfare, so we all have to pay for her,” others have shown support and empathy. One user shared, “It is a real thing. I’m time blind. I actually thought this was a well-known thing. It’s actually known as chronic lateness disorder… Usually comes along with some types of neurological conditions like ADHD, autism, etc.”

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