Before I let you in on this seasons most affordable and versatile gift….here are just 5 short reasons why we’re deeming it SO! 🙌🏼


For under 5$ you can find one at nearly any store. Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Walmart, Kroger…yes, even Autozone has a few; they’re THAT important and THAT cheap- everywhere. What your budget may be, it’s no doubt you’ll find this item in your range.

2) Picky People? No Problem.

You can buy them super cheap or spend a pretty penny, but in both spectrums you can find over 15 different kinds, styles & types. Without giving away too much just yet, just know this isn’t a joke!

3) Healthy- Such A Plus!

Want to live healthier? Want someone else in your life to make strides towards healthier habits? Get them one of these! With only positive benefits that come from using this gift, I don’t see why people aren’t buying one or even three for everyone they know!


Whether you’re hoping for more quality time with your partner, preschooler, best friend or great aunt….You can bond with one of these!

Fun fact AND quick hint: Using this gift with a child for just twenty minutes daily together has shown guaranteed emotional and behavioral improvement! (COME ON YALL!)

5) Lasts A Lifetime!

These gifts are made to pass down through generations. They make some in cheaper quality, but hey, even the ones worth two dollars will last a century if treated with care.

Any final guesses on what this gift could be???



Yes. Many of you, the ones who made it this far, probably just rolled your eyes. Don’t underappreciate the value and meaning of books, not to mention the positive educational benefits. You won’t be sorry for ever advertising a good book, or the comfort that curling up with one can bring. Your loved ones and yourself may very well enjoy this peaceful, change of pace.

Stay tuned tomorrow for our list of “Must Buy Books” this Christmas season

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Happy Holidays!

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By Courtney Pages

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