For those alike that find a little solace in carry healing crystals, gemstones and more as a part of spiritual health, here is a compiled list of a few to keep with you this October.
If you were lucky enough to be born in this favorited month that holds the best holiday, Halloween, then you are lucky enough to have two birthstones: Opal and Tourmaline. Known best for their kaleidoscope range of colors, Opal was the original stone for October-ians. Dating back to ancient times, Romans referred to this as the Cupid Stone, claiming it to be a symbol of purity, love and hope. Nomadic Arab tribes believed Opal fell to the Earth during thunderstorms and held lightning inside- giving it the flashy, precious colors you see. Ancient Greeks believed it could give the ability to see into the future and we can even find at one time the belief that it created invisibility powers for those who wore it.

Tourmaline is another stone that holds a pretty history as the Ancient Egyptians believed the range of colors were caused by the gems long journey from the center of the Earth, at which time it passed over a rainbow. It is said that the different range of colors comes with its own healing properties and qualities, like Black Tourmaline is thought to boost confidence, green promotes courage and strength, while pink helps us show compassion, unconditional love and all things kind.

Healing Properties

White Opals: Good for the Crown Chakra: Beneficial for spiritual wealth and higher consciousness. Known to ease headaches and migraines. Can be useful in treating infections or reducing a fever.
Violet Opals: Good for the Third Eye Chakra: Useful for tapping into your inner wisdom, strengthening your intuition and finding faith in your own guidance- being able to trust yourself.
Green/Pink Opals: Good for the Heart Chakra: Use it to help open your heart, to learn to trust in love and rid yourself of negative thinking patterns. Alleviates any pressure on your respiratory system also.
Blue Opals: Good for the Throat Chakra: Benefits your throat and any thyroid issues. Allows your truth to flow easier and improve communication. Helps in boosting your immune system also.
Yellow Opals: Good for the Solar Plexus Chakra: Useful for tapping into our warrior spirit- standing in your own power. Aids in the healing of any liver, stomach and gallbladder issues too.
Fire Opals: Good for the Sacral Chakra: Heightens our sense of sexuality, boosts passions and can even improve fertility issues when used alongside a helpful root chakra healing stone.
Black Opals: Good for the Root Chakra: Allows us to ground ourselves and benefits include helping with anxiety, protection from negative energy and physical safety by helping us see more clearly to make better decisions. Great for alleviating symptoms of PMS and pains of childbirth.
Use these stones carefully as Opal is well-known as an amplifier. This means that it’s properties as a gemstone have the ability to collect thoughts, feelings, and intentions, then turn up the dial and send them straight back out to you and the universe.

All colors of Tourmaline are also just as equally powerful. However, it amplifies for people in many different ways. For instance, pink tourmaline may be helpful in healing inner fears for some but be a stone that promotes sympathy for others. With this said, Pink Tourmaline radiates the highest amount of love of all the Tourmaline stones. Black tourmaline repels negative energy and helps to alleviate unwanted stress. It helps to promote patience, wisdom, and courage. Red Tourmaline helps us to face inner fears also, by building our inner strength and wisdom. It is known and said to bring devotion, emotional stability and joy- uniting love and passion.

Tourmaline balances our Yin & Yang and can easily open Chakras for any inner healing you’re in need of. It helps with victim mentality cycles, self-confidence and also attracts confidence. Being also known as the protector stone and best used in rituals, use to help shield you from psychic attacks.

So, feel ready to take on Halloween? Do you believe in the powers of Crystal gemstones? Check out your local metaphysical crystal shop today. You might be surprised. *Wink*


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