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Wild Woman: Twenty-Six

This is the tale of a wild woman who has a story something similar to a lifetime movie.

Daddy said he’d always be just 1 call away the day she moved out and after 2 long hugs she was out the door. As a girl she went through 3 different assaults from grown men; 4 different homes each year had her suicidal 5 or 6 times by the 7th grade. It wasn’t until her 8th birthday she heard the word Dope when 9-11 was called to her house cause her mama overdosed while she watched tv with her baby brother on the couch. 12 took her out on a stretcher, and things all changed for her from there.

See…She wasn’t the teenager that went to prom; she didn’t get that chance. She was the kid in a room full of felons called family that taught her how to play her hand.

She was enrolled in 13 schools…selling sex by 14 and had felonies at 15. She cooked meth before she ever cooked a dinner meal and she relates to a rap song well before she could relate to someone her own age.

She found herself pregnant at 16 and she didn’t know how to love at 17 so she was in her first toxic relationship by 18. Somewhere along the way she was living at a motel off 19th.

At 20, she cleaned blood off her belongings and went to her fiancé’s funeral then thought at 21 she figured life out. That was right before she turned 22 & she had to bury her daughter after a decision that no one should ever make.

You don’t know half of her story & I promise; you never will.

Now at 26; She’s published two books and works for companies around the world. She has known love and she embodies it deeply. She works hard, raises her two children and continues to heal to be the change.

She isn’t a felon now but she won’t forget when she was- loves her people & her tattoos tell a story of where she came from. She doesn’t trust a soul, but her smile is wide and she finds peace in understanding that things just “is what it is”.

She’s understanding and fair; wouldn’t talk down about you & she’s a safe space for anyone. She’ll help you with anything, speaks on injustice in uncomfortable crowds and she fails at times still, but she is real~ Not perfect, Just REAL.

🤟🏼She is me.

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