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Sex rituals and Mind Control

Since time immemorial, various magicians worldwide have utilized multiple bodily fluids and sexual energies to do magic, which is still practiced today.

The man we can credit for popularizing sex rituals and using bodily fluids in initiation ceremonies in modern culture is the British occultist and MI6 secret agent, Aleister Crowley.

The Equinox, in print from 1909-1919, was a magical journal published by Aleister Crowley and included Crowley's own A...A... laws, rituals and rites

A man whose own mother had called the Beast, and he professed himself to be the Antichrist who wished to unleash demons, chaos, and hell upon earth. He is undoubtedly the most famous black magician ever to don a black cape and one of the founders and Grand Masters of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO).

It was Crowley with his sex rituals and semen and vagina blood cakes, along with his disciples like Jack Parsons and Ron L. Hubbard, who popularized sex rituals and the black mass using bodily fluids in initiation ceremonies in modern culture. In addition, he had written several books on the use of erotic magic. He viewed sex as “the supreme magical power” copied and regurgitated by almost all modern black magicians and authors.

However, Crowley was not the first person to dabble with such unholy sexual rites. 

The French Roman Catholic Priest occultist was known as a “renegade priest,” Étienne Guibourg (c. 1610 – January 1686) performed their magick and the Black Mass in the late 1600s in Paris, France.

The Black Mass is a corruption of the traditional Catholic ceremony and was repopularized after Crowley by the Church of Satan founder Anton Lavey. There are many images of Lavey standing in from of his Black Mass altar.

In fact, this was his main marketing image he propagandized the world with and that he would use to attract magnetize thousands of people who simply wanted to have easy sex in his Church.

re, sex sells, but cleverly designed images of good-looking half nude or wholly nude women lying on altars do not just sell memberships; they create sex cults and thriving businesses. Hell, magicians like Crowley and Lavey were magnetizing all types of people, pu$$y, psychos, and money into their bank coffers.

Hence, this is the whole point of magnetic black magic!

Period blood is often used in sex magic often for binding spells, to cause sexual attraction, as in the Hoodoo tradition. Some practitioners also do spells with a concoction of semen mixed with period blood, which is considered very powerful. The mixture is typically obtained and placed in a chalice, or swapped through kissing after oral sex, in a ritual believed to “seal” the magic performed or create whatever manifestation the practitioner desires.

While there are a plethora of media about the type of rites from curing people with the semen from your orgasm as you masturbate under the full moon to eating Aleister Crowleys Cakes of Light with semen and menstrual vagina blood, there is no real information on why this is done and the health or spiritual implications of such rituals. In this article and others, I will explain the science of black magic rituals and the possible long-term effects on health and mental well-being.


Most people are not aware that their semen is not only gooey and sticky; it is also magnetic. So are our blood, brains, and DNA.

That is why scientists have found that humans are part of the earth’s magnetic biosphere, which is now called “human magnetoreception.” 

Now, we must ask what happens when we exchange magnetic semen and DNA with another person? Does this created a permanent bond via DNA, and can this bond also be manipulated via magnetism?

DNA and semen are ferromagnetic. Just like a real magnet, it will not magnetize to your refrigerator, but it will stick due to its exceptionally thick consistency. Instead, they tend to concentrate and redirect magnetic flux from other electromagnetic coils or permanent magnets. Ferromagnetism is the basis for many electrical and electromechanical devices such as electromagnetselectric motorsgeneratorstransformers, and magnetic storage such as tape recorders and hard disks for memory in computers.

As it relates to magnets, the overall strength of a magnet is measured by its magnetic moment or, alternatively, the total magnetic flux it produces. So, if you are a person who does not put out a lot of magnetic flux, that means your internal magnet is weak and thus easily magnetized by someone with more flux.

I contend that since our DNA and semen are also ferromagnetic, that once inserted into another person, creates a magnetic bond. A special type of biological storage device or tape recorder that can be influenced and manipulated by other people who understand black magic and have more magnetic flux than their victims.

This is why blood and semen play a significant role in black magic and Satanism.

As it relates to sperm, in 2013, scientists at the Institute for Integrative Nanosciences in Germany combined magnets with bull semen to create ‘spermbots.’ The researchers used magnetic fields to control the direction the spermbots moved. The lead researcher, Oliver Schmidt believes that sperm cells could be used for “robotic micro-systems,” as they are harmless to the body and come with their own power source.

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