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TIKTOK social media fame helped turn him into a “monster.” He is accused of shooting his wife, Ana Abulaban, and friend Rayburn Barron

JinnKid’s real name is Ali Abulaban.

He is accused of shooting his wife, Ana Abulaban, 29, and friend Rayburn Barron, 28, according to NBC San Diego.

JinnKid stands accused of shooting his wife, Ana Abulaban, 29, and friend Rayburn Barron, 28. NBC San Diego reported the TikToker “thought his wife was cheating on him”.

On Monday, Abulaban pleaded not guilty, according to prosecutors. He is being held without bail and is due back in court on October 28.

JinnKid, who boasts over 940,000 followers on TikTok, creates comedy sketches on the platform.

Born May 18, 1992, Ali is 29-years-old.

As well as a mass following on TikTok, he has garnered over 250,000 Instagram followers.

He has created impressions of Scarface, John Wick, the Godfather, and others on the app.

As of 2021, it remains unclear how much Abulanban, 29, is worth but it is reported that his net worth is anywhere from $1million to $5million. This comes from Abulanban’s career on TikTok and from being a film producer. Throughout the course of his career, he has worked on two projects including Montana: A Scarface Story Film and Montana: A Scarface Story II.


“I definitely think it empowered him,” Ali Abulaban’s cousin told NBC San Diego of his social media fame.

“I do think it made him feel like he was better than other people and that nobody could touch him,” said Louis Marinari.

“I was very proud of him you know, and I loved him to death,” he added.

“He loved me to death. We were very close, but like I said, because he did this, the whole way I thought about him is gone.”

“I hate him. I just want to see him be punished to the fullest end of the law. He killed two innocent people,” Marinari added.


Ali Abulaban’s cousin, Louie Marinari, opened up to CBS8 about how unusual the TikTok star had been acting, just days before the murders.

Marinari said: “[He] pulled out a bag of cocaine and then I was like, ‘you’re going to get us all in trouble.’ He’s like, ‘I’m JinnKid. Nobody can touch me because I’m JinnKid.’”

According to Marinari, Abulaban’s wife Ana started making more friends when the pair moved to San Diego in February.

“Her social life flourished when she moved to San Diego and I think he became extremely jealous of that,” Molinari told the news outlet. “Extremely jealous and furious.


Speaking to CBS8, Ali Abulaban’s cousin, Louie Marinari, said Ana Abulaban’s friends were not interested in spending time with her husband, for reasons unexplained.

Marinari said: “He just became super jealous because his wife was going out with friends and he wasn’t involved and he wanted to control her.

“He wanted to know what she was doing every time of the day.” ’In an interview with CBS8, Ali Abulaban’s cousin, Louie Marinari, said it was evident Ana Abulaban’s marriage with JinnKid was “crumbling” from a text exchange they had. According to Marinari, Ana asked her husband to move out of their apartment on October 18, a request which JinnKid thought was temporary. Marinari explained: “He was in denial about it. He thought they were going to get back together.”


Last Thursday afternoon, Ali Abulaban allegedly heard his wife with another man in her apartment thanks to an app on his daughter’s iPad that allowed him to monitor the activity there, according to prosecutors.

He allegedly returned to the location with a loaded gun and shot Barron three times and his wife once, NBC San Diego reported.

There is also reportedly Nest video from a neighbor’s apartment that shows Ali leaving the home, according to Deputy District Attorney Taran Brast.

Ali allegedly walked in and shot Barron three times before shooting his wife in her head, later calling his mother to confess what he had done, said the prosecutors.

The TikToker then reportedly picked up his daughter from school and called the police on himself.

Back in September, Abulaban called police on Ali and accused him of pushing her and causing her injuries, according to prosecutors.

She had planned to file a restraining order, though it is unclear what the status of that was. October 29,2021


During his arraignment on Monday, Ali Abulaban, also known as TikToker Jinnkid, was seen behind glass.

He was reportedly “shaking and sobbing uncontrollably in the courtroom,” according to Fox59.

Abulaban pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder and special circumstance allegations of multiple killings, Sky News reported.

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